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02/21/17 Notice: COTI 2017 Annual Meeting on March 22

02/16/17 Council Affirms LSV Decision

02/16/17 Council Affirms LSV Decision

02/13/17 COTI Writes to Support EAA Reservoir Bills

02/13/17 COTI Writes to Support SB10/HB761

02/12/17 COTI Endorses Ruane and Denham for Council

02/09/17 COTI Endorses Ruane and Denham for City Council

01/23/17 Permit Denial for Low Speed Vehicles to be Appealed

01/23/17 Denial of Permit for Low Speed Vehicles to be Appealed

01/14/17 Messages Received by COTI Regarding Civic Core


01/12/17 Civic Core Update Jan 2017

01/10/17 Additional Civic Core Questions

12/15/16 Civic Core Issue to be on Ballot


12/06/16 COTI Comments to City Council Regarding Civic Core


11/26/16 Planning Commission Rejects Permit for Low Speed Vehicle Facility

11/26/16 Planning Commission Denies Permit for Low Speed Vehicle Rental

11/22/16 Commission Denies Permit for Low Speed Vehicles

11/16/16 COTI Help Wanted

11/06/16 Expertise Help Needed for COTI

11/02/16 Rental Operation for "Low Speed Vehicles" Should Be Rejected

11/02/16 Permit for Low Speed Vehicle Rentals Should Be Denied

11/02/16 Permit for Low Speed Rental Should Be Denied

10/24/16 COTI Endorses "Yes" Vote on Conservation 20/20 Referendum

10/24/16 Conservation 20 20 Program Needs Support

10/24/16 COTI Endorses "Yes" Vote on Conservation 20 20 Referendum

07/28/16 Revised Draft Project Report for EAA Water Storage Reservoirs

07/28/16 Support Acceleration of Planning for EAA Water Storage

05/25/16 COTI's Questions for Civic Core Leadership Team and for City Council


05/20/16 Civic Core; COTI's Initial Thoughts


04/14/16 Minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting

04/14/16 Draft Minutes of 2016 COTI Annual Meeting

03/28/16 Civic & Cultural Core Project Overview

03/28/16 Civic Core Overview

03/01/16 COTI Annual Meeting Wednesday March 30 9:00 a.m.

03/01/16 COTI 2016 Annual Meeting Scheduled

02/16/16 Mayor's Message Regarding Water Quality

02/06/16 Sanibel Mayor Urges Action to Protect Our Waters

01/22/16 Sanibel Mayor's Traffic Message

01/22/16 Mayor's Message Regarding Traffic

01/07/16 COTI 2016 Annual Meeting Set for March 30, 2016

01/06/16 Draft Minutes of 2015 Annual Meeting

01/06/16 Draft Minutes of 2015 COTI Annual Meeting

01/03/16 Help Us Keep Sanibel Special

01/02/16 Why JOIN or RENEW COTI Membership

01/02/16 Help Us Keep Sanibel Special

01/01/16 What's Ahead for Sanibel Traffic

12/31/15 Procedure for Nominating Board Candidates by Petition

12/30/15 COTI Traffic Commentary

11/07/15 Sanibel City Council Highlights November 2015

10/27/15 Shared Use Path Safety

10/26/15 Shared Use Path Improvements

10/23/15 COTI Acts To Help Improve Traffic Situation

10/23/15 Traffic Actions Suggested by COTI

09/29/15 COTI - Sanibel Accomplishements

08/08/15 COTI Traffic Workshop Report

05/27/15 Florida Amendment 1 - Rally for Our Water

05/21/15 Public Opinion & Doc Ford's Decision

05/05/15 Why JOIN COTI?

04/11/15 Everglades Area Land Purchase

04/04/15 Sanibel: Save Our Waters - Purchase EAA Lands

04/04/15 Public Opinion and Doc Fords

03/23/15 Sanibel: Protect Your Way of Life

03/14/15 President's Remarks Annual Meeting 2015

02/19/15 Vote for Chauncey Goss March 3

02/18/15 COTI Endorses Chauncey Goss

02/18/15 Santiva Chronicle Article: COTI Endorses Chauncey Goss for Sanibel City Council

02/10/15 Sanibel Excitement Continues

01/31/15 Sanibel Prevent Tax Increases

01/15/15 COTI still influences the shaping of Sanibel

12/03/14 COTI still influences the shaping of Sanibel

11/26/14 Help us save Sanibel's beautiful night skies

11/26/14 Save Sanibel's Beautiful Night Skies

10/16/14 Florida needs your vote for Amendment 1

04/23/14 COTI Year in Review

03/08/14 Draft Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

02/28/14 COTI Annual Meeting 2014

02/28/14 Public Invited to Annual Meeting

02/02/14 Florida's Conservation Amendment

01/23/14 Water Board Meeting is coming to Lee County

01/23/14 Water Board Meeting Coming to Lee County

01/09/14 The Year of Creeping Change

09/23/13 Forum: Estuaries in Peril

08/24/13 Sanibel Waters in Peril

06/14/13 Alligator Tales: The Latest Chapter

05/22/13 Preserving the Land

05/10/13 Why attend City Council meetings?

04/18/13 A Rare Opportunity at Woodring Point

03/29/13 The Year in Review, by Barbara Joy Cooley

03/29/13 Keynote Speaker and Environmental Advocate Urges that City Council Meetings Be Televised

03/15/13 Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

03/15/13 Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

03/01/13 Environmental Advocate to address Annual Meeting

02/28/13 Why You Should Join COTI

01/25/13 A Tale of Two Cases

01/04/13 The Virtue of Clear Commitments

12/14/12 When the Small becomes Big

11/23/12 The Law Behind Sanibel's Starry, Starry Nights

06/21/12 The People Prevail . . . Again

05/18/12 This isn't Ohio anymore

04/27/12 Why less balance on the planning commission?

04/13/12 Close call for the will of the people on Sanibel

03/23/12 Citizens Urged to Speak Out on Preserving Sanibel's Beaches

03/17/12 Annual Meeting: Saving Sanibel's coastal waters

02/28/12 Annual Meeting Notice 2012

02/24/12 Let the People Hear Their Government in Action

02/10/12 Annual Meeting Minutes 2011

02/03/12 The Vision Works

01/27/12 Committee of the Islands Newsletter

01/06/12 Sewer Debt: Help the city, Help yourself

12/02/11 Why Alligators Are Important

11/17/11 A Look at the Town Center

10/28/11 Alligator Update

07/08/11 Resort Redevelopment: The System Worked

06/30/11 Mangroves Hold the Land

05/05/11 Why we have to stay in the parade

04/28/11 An alligator tale of three golf courses

04/08/11 Buses preferred by whom?

03/26/11 Citizen of the Year Award to Erick Lindblad

03/24/11 Resort Redevelopment back to Council

03/24/11 Resort Redevelopment Back to City Council

03/17/11 The calls that can kill

03/10/11 Noted Environmentalist to Speak at Annual Meeting

03/05/11 Annual Meeting Announcement

02/24/11 Shared Use Path Along Dunlop Rd

12/30/10 Bailey Homestead Opportunity

12/23/10 Easing traffic congestion and improving safety

12/10/10 Is it time to reevaluate our alligator policy?

10/15/10 Will City Council uphold the Sanibel Plan?

08/05/10 How it really isn't fair

07/22/10 Col. Reed and the Committee of the Islands

07/15/10 Sanibel and the Grand Canyon

07/08/10 Docks or no docks: What do you think?

06/24/10 When did the islands become "special"?

06/17/10 Can the Smalltooth Sawfish save our bay?

06/03/10 The Oil Disaster and the Act that might have prevented it

06/02/10 Oil Spill Reporting Guide

05/27/10 Water Management District has no excuses

05/12/10 How you can help with oil spill response

05/10/10 Who is the Committee of the Islands?

05/10/10 Lake Okeechobee level and other information

05/03/10 Florida Healthy Beaches Testing Program

05/03/10 Beach Water Sampling Report

04/23/10 Resort Redevelopment - Density

04/23/10 Resort Redevelopment - Coverage, height, setbacks

04/15/10 Lake Okeechobee and Water Quality in Southwest Florida

04/06/10 Enhancements to 86-43: a lost opportunity

04/01/10 Election Results

04/01/10 Resort Redevelopment - Introduction

03/31/10 Annual Meeting Minutes 2010

03/28/10 Resort Redevelopment - Introduction

03/19/10 COTI Annual Meeting

02/16/10 Coverage and Clearance Issues in Resort Redevelopment

02/12/10 COTI 35th Anniversary Page 2

02/12/10 COTI 35th Anniversary Front Page

02/12/10 COTI 35th Anniversary Page 1

01/19/10 Offshore_Drilling

01/09/10 Offshore Drilling

05/23/09 Mayor Denhams Tolls Letter

04/20/09 City Employee Pension Plans

01/17/09 Membership Input

01/11/09 Results of PC Appointments

12/28/08 Reappointment of PC

12/15/08 March Election

12/07/08 Comments J.N. DD Alt Transport

11/21/08 SCCF Environmental Overview Dec, Jan, Feb

11/07/08 Sanibel Issues

10/27/08 Celebrate Sanibel

10/25/08 The Wisdom of Nonpartisan Elections

10/23/08 Oversized Homes

09/06/08 Sanibel Draft Algae Clean-up Policy

08/08/08 Celebrate Sanibel Nov 2-8, 2008

07/17/08 86-43 It's Worth Retaining

07/17/08 Redevelopment on Sanibel

07/13/08 Overview Details 7_13_2008

07/13/08 Causeway Vehicle Numbers 4_08

07/12/08 Carla Brooks Johnston Advocate

05/23/08 Proposed Fertilizer Bill

05/17/08 COTI Followup

05/10/08 SUP Position on Width 5_10_2008

05/09/08 Ray Judah Advocate

04/30/08 Utility Tax Alert 4_30_08

04/30/08 Comm To CC_4_30_08

04/21/08 Insights 4/21/08

02/10/08 Survey Results

01/11/08 Letter State Fertilizer

01/01/08 Winter 2008 Newsletter

12/17/07 Letter Mosquito Control

12/12/07 Alt Trans J_N_Ding 12_12_07

11/02/07 Letter Water Contamination

05/28/07 SUP on Sanibel 5_28_2007

11/16/06 SUP Statement 11_16_2006

11/01/06 Position on Red Algae Cleanup

10/01/06 Fall 2006 Newsletter

03/03/06 Budget Compare Sister Cities