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Messages Received by COTI Regarding Civic Core

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January 14, 2017

COTI's mission includes ensuring the continuity of good local government; facilitating discourse within the community on important civic topics helps further that purpose.


COTI has previously published commentaries and digital messages to members and friends about the proposed Civic and Cultural Core.   And those publications have generated lots of email responses.   Given the importance of the project to Sanibel, we are now publishing copies of those responses on our website, redacted to remove names, email addresses and similar information.


We have also provided this same redacted information to the Civic Core working group and to City Council.


Note that the opinions expressed in these messages may or may not be representative of the views of the community or even of COTI members.   They are simply the messages that we received at up through early June without any attempt on our part to influence the opinions or edit the content.


Let's keep the conversation going.  If you have thoughts, questions or comments about the project, please write to us at


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