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December 15, 2008

A Message From the President of COTI December 2008 Check out our new website features : A '' Recent News '' Area so you can find out the latest Each Committee with a Separate Page so you can see the details of what each committee is doing . An Archive Area for Emails as well as Documents so if you miss something , you''ll be able to find it on our website . Another way to '' Contact Us '' and provide comments . Dear Carol and Tom , There will be an important Sanibel municipal election in March 2009 . Since its inception in 1975 , COTI has supported candidates who are committed to ensuring that the sanctuary quality of the Island is sustained . Serious economic and redevelopment challenges confront the City if we are to perpetuate the vision of Sanibel''s incorporators . For the first time in history municipal tax revenues are falling because of decreasing property values . The Island is almost '' built out '' so the tax base will not grow to compensate for the loss of tax revenue . Despite the two enormous mansions on Captiva , there is great pressure being exerted to eliminate t he proposed guidelines which would define reasonable home size on Sanibel . Finally , we have aging resort properties which need to be redeveloped within the context of the Sanibel Plan . Before COTI throws its support behind any candidate we woul d like to know whether you know anyone who shares our values who would consider running for City Council . If so , please give me a phone call ( 395 - 0030 ) . In addition , I would ask you to encourage your friends and neighbors to join COTI - a membership form is available on our website ( ) . Thanks for your help and continuing support . Send an Email directly to a committee chairperson . Find Out More At : Sincerely , John Harries , President of COTI

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