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December 28, 2008

COTI Action Alert Planning Commission Re - Appointments December 2008 Why Join COTI ? Membership in COTI enables you to keep informed and to participate in meaningful efforts to ensure good government and preserve the sanctuary character of our Islands . Send an email to COTI @ for membership information and we will respond promptly . Contact COTI : By Mail : COTI PO Box 88 Sanibel , FL 33957 Email : COTI @ Website : Two Planning Commissioners Up for Re - Appointment Dear Carol and Tom David Berger and Phil Marks , current members of the Sanibel Planning Commission , will either be reappointed or replaced by the Sanibel City Council on January 6th . As experienced Commissioners , they have proven that they are committed to t he preservation of Sanibel''s unique sanctuary island character . They both have a logical , intelligent approach to issues , listening to arguments presented and making decisions based on facts and existing ordinances . Both strongly support Sanibel''s Vision S tatement , Plan and Land Development Code . This will be especially important in the coming months as resort redevelopment is considered by the Planning Commission . Finally , these candidates have no potential personal or business conflicts in taking position s on real estate issues . In making critical decisions , City Council seems to take note of the number of email messages it receives on an issue . Your input is important . Please take the time to send a message to Council this week expressing your opinion on the reappointment of David Berger and Philip Marks to the Planning Commission . This can be easily accomplished by using the form on the City''s website ( copy and paste the internet address which follows ) : http : / / / City - Council / Contact - City - Council Thank you , John Harries , President Pd . Pol . Adv . paid for and sponsored by Committee of the Islands , Inc . PO Box 88 Sanibel , FL 33957

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