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January 17, 2009

A Message From the President of COTI January 17 , 2009 Check out our new website features : A '' Recent News '' Area so you can find out the latest Each Committee with a Separate Page so you can see the details of what each committee is doing . An Archive Area for Emails as well as Documents so if you miss something , you''ll be able to find it on our website . Another way to '' Contact Us '' and provide comments . Dear Carol and Tom , As you are probably aware , there will be a municipal election on Sanibel March 3 , 2009 . There are five candidates for three open seats on City Council - David Bath , David Berger , Mick Denham , Marty Harrity , and Kevin Ruane . In keeping with COTI''s desire to increase member participation in it''s decision making , we would appreciate hearing from you if you have an opinion on any of these candidates . Since the board will be considering endorsements in the very near future ( the election is just over 40 days off ) we need to receive your emailed comments prior to next Friday , January 23rd . Please send your inputs to Coti @ . Thanks for your help . Sincerely , John Harries , President of COTI Send an Email directly to a committee chairperson . Find Out More At :

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