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October 23, 2008

Oversized homes - the jury is still out on Section 86 - 43 enhancements In the spring of 2008 , the Planning Commission undertook to study and report to City Council on potential amendments to Section 86 - 43 of the Land Development Code to provide greater guidance and standards to applicants for permits to build new hom es . Section 86 - 43 deals with the issue of what may be termed “ oversized ” homes . During the late spring and summer a number of public meetings were held by the Land Development Code Review Committee ( the entire Planning Commission ) at which proposals from the Planning Department were considered . The main focus of these proposals was to 1 . Clearly define the purpose and objectives of 86 - 43 ; 2 . Devise a trigger mechanism by which proposed homes which exceed a threshold size and mass would be subject to increased scrutiny by the Planning Department and Planning Commission and 3 . Develop a set of design standards and guidelines to assist applicants and their design professionals . At its September 23 meeting , the Land Development Review Committee , by virtue of a 3 to 3 tie vote ( Commissioners Berger , Krekel and Marks in favor and Commissioners Sprankle , Reynolds and Valiquette , opposed . Commissioner Forney was absent . ) failed to approve a comprehensive set of proposals from the Planning Department . A t that meeting a number of realtors spoke against the proposed amendments and some against Section 86 - 43 in general . Some of the Commissioners expressed the view that it needed simplification . As matters stand now the issue will be taken up again in Januar y . Planning director Duffy has indicated that his department will present some alternative approaches in January to address the concerns expressed by some Commissioners . Hopefully , that will lead to the adoption of a set of proposals for submission to Cit y Council early next year . Anyone who has driven to Captiva lately has seen the enormous mansions under construction on Captiva Drive . Make no mistake ; but for Section 86 - 43 , mansions of that type and size could be built on Sanibel . If you don’t w ant to see this happen , attend the Planning Commission meetings in January when the 86 - 43 amendments will once again be considered and make your feelings known to the Commissioners . You can be sure the realtors will be back arguing their case . Wat ch for COTI action alerts as meeting dates approach .

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