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Annual Meeting Minutes 2011

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February 10, 2012

Committee of the Islands Draft Minutes the Annual General Meeting March 25 , 2011 at 9 : 30 AM Sanibel Congregational Church , Fellowship Hall President Barbara Cooley welcomed members and guests at 9 : 30 AM . She introduced Wayne Ponader who then and introduced guest speaker , Carolyn Raffensperger , M.A . , J.D . , Executive Director of the Science Environmental Health Network . Carolyn gave an inspiring talk on the fundamental principles guiding global thinking on environmental health for future generations . An active Questions and Answers session ensued . President Cooley then presented an engraved vase to Jim LaVelle , ( accepted by Dick Calkins ) in recognition of his President of the Committee of the Islands . Erick Lindblad , Director of the Sanibel ? Captiva work as a past Conservation Foundation , gave a short , very hopeful , review of the current SCCF Capital Campaign to purchase 28.3 acres of Bailey Property on Periwinkle Way . In appreciation of his continued efforts over many years to wildlife and habitat , Barbara presented Erick with his own personal award as the Committee of preserve Sanibel the Islands ’ Citizen of the Year . Following an intermission , Barbara Cooley called the 2011 Annual Business Meeting to order at 10.50 AM . ? David Bath reported that 65 Proxy Votes had been received . minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting were approved as submitted . ? The ? Bud Reinhold reported that the balance in the organization’s bank account was $ 16,108.14 ? Barbara Cooley gave a very positive summary of COTI’s achievements this past year : ? ? Our Land Development Committee ( Larry Schopp ? Chair ) gave valuable input to the Planning Department and the Planning Commission in their work to establish new ground rules for redevelopment in the Resort Housing District . The first reading of the proposed revisions will be at City Council on April 5 , 2011 . ? ? Our Traffic Committee ( Herb Rubin ? Chair ) effectively monitored ATTPL , otherwise known as the Ding Darling Alternative Transportation study . COTI strongly disagrees with any plan involving On ? Island circulating transportation . We have seen no evidence that this is a “ locally preferred alternative ” . The debate will continue . ? ? Our Governance Committee ( Wayne Ponader ? Chair ) with the Traffic Committee and were influential in to help Council reach an agreed option for the proposed shared use bringing interested groups together path along Dunlop Road . ? ? Our Environment Committee ( Barbara Cooley ? Chair ) influenced Council and published reports on : ? the BP Oil Spill , explaining the failures of the MMS agency , which now no longer exists . ? the South Florida Water Management District and Army Corps of Engineers , exposing their continuing unfair treatment of our environment with their Lake Okeechobee release practices . ? how our governance and environmental committees helped maintain the Sanibel Plan’s ban on docks in the Bay Beach Zone . continuing debate . ? the strong resident support that exists for protecting Island alligators , a ? Mike Gillespie summarized the impressive growth of COTI commentaries in both the Island Reporter and the Island Sun . 29 feature articles were headlined in each paper which raised awareness of issues important to Sanibel residents . We have received a significant increase in public feedback on the Island papers . Concurrently , visits to our web site have dramatically information presented in these increased . ? Claire Mallon presented the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate of new Board members . The following Directors were unanimously approved : For a first 2 year term : Jim Beauchamp , Phyllis Gresham , John Harries , Martin Packard , Ruth Woodham . 2 year term : Jill Dillon , Wayne Ponader . For a second ? In public comment time , a suggestion was made to consider inviting children at the Sanibel School to respond to the question , ” Why do I like Sanibel ? ” An award could be offered . The meeting was adjourned at 11.25 AM . David Bath , Secretary

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