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Sanibel Draft Algae Clean-up Policy

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September 06, 2008

City of Sanibel Draft Policy on Algae Clean - Up of Sanibel Beaches Updated by staff 9 / 6 / 07 The algae or other similar decomposing matter must have the following characteristics in order to trigger a City authorized clean - up : • Consist of piles averaging at least 1ft in depth over 30ft long transects measured perpendicular to the shoreline approximately 300ft apart . The algae must be a significantly severe event covering at least 1000 linear feet of beach . For example , if the algae averaged 2ft deep in a 15ft wide swath along 1000ft or more of beach and all other conditions were met it would qualify for clean - up . • Has to have little or no current value to foraging shorebirds as determined by the Natural Resources Department . • No clean - ups or equipment on the beach are authorized during sea turtle nesting April to October or during snowy plover / shorebird nesting season February 15 to August ; ie : clean - up authorized October - January . • All clean - up work must be done per DEP specifications with a valid DEP Beaches and Coastal Systems Program permit . Required Technique : Work will be done by City Manager approved techniques between the existing beach waterline and the upper ( landward ) edge of the algae wrack line . To the greatest extent possible , algae only , not sand or shell will be raked into piles located between the waterward edge of the vegetated dune line and the upper wrack line . The piled algae will then be hauled away to the nearest beach vehicle access point and from thence off the island to a licensed landfill or incinerator . Algae removal equipment and all associated motorized vehicles will only be allowed to travel along the beach between the waterward edge of the vegetated dune and the upper storm wrack line . No debris of an kind will be buried on the beach .

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