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Easing traffic congestion and improving safety

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December 23, 2010

Easing traffic congestion and improving safety Herb Rubin , Traffic Committee Chair Committee of the Islands As our busy tourist season approaches , this may be a good time to explore ways of reducing congestion and improving safety on Periwinkle Way and San - Cap Road . In recent years the city has moved some lanes on Periwinkle Way away from the multi - purpose paths , primarily to ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists . In the process , they have added or reworked left turn lanes at Donax , Dixie Beach , and Casa Ybel . The results appear to have met their safety goals and also improved the flow of traffic at those intersections . We now ask whether left turn lanes should be considered for other sections of roadway where we frequently experience bottlenecks , especially during the winter months . The Committee of the Islands seeks your input regarding points along Periwinkle Way where it intersects with one of the entrances both to Tahitian Gardens and Periwinkle Place , as well as the entrance to the Forever Green Shopping Center . Additionally , a striped crosswalk at the entrance to the Congregational Church would enhance the safety of cyclists who cross there from the bike path , as well as those who park their vehicles at the east entrance to Periwinkle Place and then cross the road to attend events at the church facilities . There are no crosswalks on Periwinkle between Casa Ybel Rd . and the Community Center , almost a mile . Another intersection that merits consideration is Rabbit Rd . at San - Cap Rd . , where there is already a crosswalk for the multi - purpose path . Left turn lanes on San - Cap Rd . for traffic turning onto Rabbit Rd . and for traffic turning from Rabbit Rd . into the west - bound lane of San - Cap Rd . would ease the bottlenecks that often occur there , especially during the tourist season . The turn lanes would also act to slow down the often fast - moving traffic where pedestrians and cyclists cross San - Cap Rd . The City Charter allows for such improvements to the roadway as long as the traffic - easing turn lane does not exceed 100 yards , thereby avoiding the need for a public referendum on the issue . Before a serious accident occurs at one of these locations , what do you think about these or other such safety and traffic - easing changes to our roadways ? Please email your thoughts to coti @ . Or write to Committee of the Islands at PO Box 88 , Sanibel , FL 33957 . You can also find commentaries on this and other island issues on our website at .

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