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June 30, 2011

ISLAND SUN - JULY 1 , 2011 8 Given that this issue has now come before the public , it may be well to review Holding The Island Together here just why mangroves are so important to our ecosystem - and why they must be preserved . by Phyllis Gresham , Board Member , Committee of the Islands True natives , the mangroves are our most valuable coastal resource . They are ust recently nine a biologically complex ecosystem , the link between the land and the sea . The homeowners on Clam red mangrove , Rhizophora mangle , with its reddish prop roots buffers the effect JBayou came before of storm winds , waves and floods on uplands , as the water is absorbed into their City Council seeking per - expanse . mission to trim 1,725 These mangroves stabilize shorelines . The root system slows water flow , facilitat - mangrove trees and 175 ing the organic / chemical material deposit of sediment which imparts nutrients that buttonwoods to a height are the basis of the marine food chain . Nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus of six feet to improve the filtered from coastal waters are incorporated into the leaves , branches and root sys - view of the residents ; in tems and are naturally transferred to the detrital food web . their application , they Food And Shelter For Most Fish Species are doing business as An estimated 85 to 90 percent of all local commercial and recreational fin fish “ Clam Bayou Neighbors depend on mangroves for food and shelter . Attached marine organisms also filter Association . ” The trees in water trap and cycle nutrients . Mangroves are the nursery of the sea . They also are question , which are part valued as rookeries and shelter for wading birds and brown pelicans . of an established man - Worldwide , mangroves account for the storage of more carbon than almost any grove fringe , are on 1,700 other forest on earth . Florida has approximately 469,000 acres of mangrove forest . linear feet of publicly Sanibel , with 11,000 plus acres , has nine miles of mangrove shoreline . The propa - owned shoreline on Silver gules of the red mangrove are embryonic root structures that may float for up to a Key , an area within the year before rooting . As they root , they form islands such as the ones that can be Environmentally Sensitive seen from Wildlife Drive in the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge . Lands Conservation The City of Sanibel does not allow trimming for view of mangroves on any City District . owned or managed property , in order to ensure the mangroves ’ complete range One of the purposes of ecological value . Trimming has a secondary impact to other native plant com - of the ESLC District is to munities , altering growth patterns . City ordinance 96 - 07 mirrors the State 1996 ensure preservation and Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act , also restricting mangrove trimming on encourage enhancement public conservation lands . of natural systems . The The mangroves quite literally hold the land on Sanibel - - and the citizens of this Sanibel Plan states the sanctuary island have the Sanibel Plan and the Land Development Code holding us “ mangrove areas are of responsible for preventing mangrove trimming on public conservation lands . The such importance to the Committee of the Islands supports City Council’s decision to uphold the Sanibel Island’s ecosystem that Plan and the Code . they must be preserved . ” As always , we welcome your ideas about this and other island issues . Visit the Mangroves stabilize our shoreline and provide wildlife City Council did not Committee of the Islands website at , or send us your thoughts via habitat grant the homeowner email to coti @ . group’s request . The group is now pursuing approval at the state level . % oFreedomm Freed 25 Open Mon . - Sat . From High From High Off 11 - 5 p.m . Weekend pening 9 & 8 , O 7 , July sPrices ! ! Price Commmuu nity SSttore Thrifftt in the old Kiwanis thrift store location , next to Planet Fitness Miner’s Plaza at the corner of McGregor Blvd . & Gladiolus • Building • Furniture Supplies • Clothing Grand • Collectibles • Housewares Opening • Appliances July 7 - 9 , 201 9 a.m . 1 to 4 p.m . 225 - 6529 15501 Old McGregor Blvd . , Suite 3 , Fort Myers , FL 33908

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