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October 28, 2011

ISLAND SUN - OCTOBER 28 , 2011 8 Update : How’s It Going For The Sanibel Alligators ? by Barbara Joy Cooley , president , Committee of the Islands n past com - mentaries , we’ve Idescribed how Sanibel alligators were too often being destroyed without sufficient regard for the impact on the survival of this animal in our carefully balanced ecosystem . This was often the result of people complain - ing about “ nuisance alligators ” who were then sought out and destroyed by the City , in addition to other gators in Homeowners associations often post signs the same vicinity who were over four These signs are in the Gulf Pines neighborhood on Sanibel warning people away from alligators feet in length . After these commentaries were pub - two alligators on the bank of a body of anguish among neighbors who did not it removed . ” He added that he also has lished , many readers responded that water behind his home . When the police want to see them harmed . a pet dog and cat , and worried about they assumed such alligators were being approached , the alligators retreated into Alligators fed by people their safety . Two days later , the trapper relocated , when in almost all cases they the water , just like they are supposed to The next incident was like several removed and destroyed an 8 - foot alligator were being killed - - literally hundreds of do . Other people who were accustomed others so far this year : an unfortunate from the lake . them over an 8 - year period - - by licensed to seeing these two alligators in the area and tragic case where the alligator was Similarly , the Ibis Lane homeowner trappers . said they never bothered anyone , and behaving as if it was used to being fed who had reported two alligators earlier ( in How many Sanibel alligators have always retreated away from people . by people . This one also happened in May and early July ) reported yet another been destroyed so far this year ? The However , according to the police report , February , and also involved a 6 - foot alligator behind his home later in July . answer is 15 , and two more were relo - the man who called to complain about gator . A woman living on Palm Lake This 10 - footer swam away from the cated . But we think it would contribute these gators said they “ bother his dogs . ” Drive called the police to complain that policeman who arrived ; nevertheless , the to a better understanding of this issue if One of these two gators was about 6 the alligator approached when items were trapper was called and the alligator was we look beyond the numbers and take a feet long , the other five to five - and - a - half tossed into the water , and several other removed and destroyed . closer look on a case - by - case basis . feet long . They were both captured and neighbors also complained about the While it may be tragic yet understand - We start with an incident on February destroyed . alligator approaching . The trapper was able that alligators who have been fed 20 on Eagle Run Drive . A man living That case appears to be an unneces - called , and the alligator was removed and and who’ve lost their fear of people need there called the police to complain about sary destruction of alligators , and caused destroyed . to be removed , it is not clear or under - Four more cases this year - - two in standable why the alligators who are fear - May , one in July and one in August - - ful and who do retreat were destroyed . also seemed to involve alligators behaving Alligators in the wrong place at the as if they expected to be fed by people . wrong time One of these was a 7 - footer reported In April , an alligator went into the in May by a homeowner on Ibis Lane , retention pond near the main lobby off of Periwinkle Way near Cheeburger of the Holiday Inn . When a manager Cheeburger . The same homeowner approached it , the alligator hissed at her . reported another alligator in early July - a She called the police . This 8 - and - a - half - large alligator next to a dead smaller alli - foot alligator was removed and destroyed . gator . When the police arrived , the large Also in April , a passerby noticed an gator behaved as if it had been fed and alligator in the bushes near a front door lost its fear of humans . The third was a of a home in the Dunes . He called the big 10 - footer at Spanish Cays condos police to report it . The police came out , on Middle Gulf Drive . The fourth was a saw one alligator in a pond behind the 9 - footer in a pond near a barbeque grill home , and then another alligator was being used at a residence on Causey observed nearby in Roadside Park the Tahitian Gardens , Sanibel • 239 - 395 - 5353 Court in the Dunes . next day . Both of these gators , one 10 In April , a woman caring for an elderly feet long and the other 11 feet , appeared resident on East Rocks Drive complained to have lost their fear of humans , accord - that people across the lake at a house ing to the police officer . They were on Boulder Drive were throwing items removed by the trapper and destroyed . at an alligator in the water . The police On August 31 , a 10 - foot alligator MEN’S HAIRCUT contacted the owner of the Boulder made the mistake of trying to visit a Drive home , who said that the alligator Koi pond on Punta Caloosa Court , just seemed to follow people walking along outside the JN “ Ding ” Darling National $ the shoreline and did not retreat when Wildlife Refuge . A resident of that street approached . However , when the police called the police and said he almost hit 20 officer approached the gator , it did retreat the gator with his car , and he was wor - about 15 to 20 feet . ried about the dogs in the neighborhood . So it isn’t so clear whether this animal When the police arrived , the alligator was had been fed by people . The police offi - in the driveway , and then moved into the cer advised the homeowner of the state Koi pond . The trapper took it away the law and city ordinance forbidding the next day and destroyed it . 2340 Periwinkle Way feeding and / or harassment of alligators . A couple weeks earlier in August , the According to the report , the homeowner police received a call reporting an alliga - Suite D1 responded by saying that “ he and his tor in the middle of San - Cap Road , about 395 - 3800 guests are in fear of the alligator due to 200 yards west of Tarpon Bay Road . It its aggressiveness and would like to see had been hit by a vehicle . When the ISLAND SUN - OCTOBER 28 , 2011 9 Trials are just a few of the topics that will night - shift police arrived , the 6 - foot long Rabbi James Noah’s Ark Thrift be explored . gator was still alive , but was in shock . It Rudin is the senior interreligious advi - was moved out of the road . By the time Rudin To Lecture Shop Opening sor of the American Jewish Committee the day - shift police checked on it , the and the author of numerous articles animal had died . The trapper was called abbi James eginning Tuesday , November 1 , and books , including Christians and to remove it . Rudin , a the thrift shop will return to its Jews , Faith to Faith – Tragic History , The case of the strange permit member of R Bregular schedule hours , 9 : 30 a.m . Promising Present , Fragile Future . In an unusual incident in early May , a Temple Bat Yam to 12 : 30 p.m . , Monday through Friday Coming out in December is his book , restaurateur living in Gulf Shores was able on Sanibel , will and the first Saturday of the month . Cushing , Spellman , O’Connor : to receive her own permit from the state be lecturing for Noah’s Ark is located at 2304 The Surprising Story of How Three of Florida to have an alligator removed the Renaissance Periwinkle Way . Donations can be American Cardinals Transformed from the water behind her home on Fish Academy of dropped off at the dock anytime or bring Catholic - Jewish Relations . Crow Road . Because she received her Florida Gulf Coast them to the store during store hours if The lectures will be held from 10 to own permit and called the trapper direct - University at the a receipt is needed . We are unable to 11 : 30 a.m . on Tuesdays , November ly , the Sanibel police were not involved Atrium in Fort take the following : TVs , large appliances , 8 and 15 and require a fee of $ 35 to and were only notified well after the fact . Myers . infant car seats , computer monitors and $ 45 for the complete three - hour class . Several neighborhood residents were His topic will be printers , mattresses . For questions regard - Contact FGCU at Atrium Executive Rabbi James Rudin upset and disturbed by the removal and Adolf Eichmann ing furniture pick - up call the Ark at 239 - Center , 8695 College Parkway , Suite destruction of this 8 - foot gator , and felt Trial : Fifty Years 472 - 3356 . 1181 , Fort Myers , FL 33919 , or call the Later . Eichmann was the principal logisti - that this homeowner should have fenced Renaissance Academy at 425 - 3272 for cal military officer responsible for carrying in her yard instead of having the gator more information . out the Nazi Final Solution . The facts removed . In responding to the strange of Eichmann’s life , the rise of National issuance of a permit to an individual on Socialism in post WWI Germany , and the Sanibel , the state alligator program coor - concepts of “ war crimes ” and “ crimes Read us online at dinator said that this situation has been against humanity ” in the Nuremberg “ fixed ” and a “ similar situation will be avoided in the future . ” The survivors In two other incidents in May , alliga - tors were removed and relocated , not destroyed . One involved a 7 - foot gator in the pond behind Periwinkle Place , in Shopping Begins an area near children . The other was a 7 - foot , 7 - inch gator near the Sanibel River off of Casa Ybel Road . Finally , an alligator reported by a man at on Middle Gulf Drive was spared removal and destruction in July when the respond - East End the ing police officer determined that the animal was not aggressive , retreated from him , and was less than 4 feet long . What can you do ? If you see someone feeding an alliga - Sanibel Lighthouse • Periwinkle Way tor , or even just throwing food into a pond , swale or lake , report the incident to the police at 472 - 3111 . Feeding an alligator is a serious offense , and it is also Lighthouse Cafe a death sentence for the alligator when it consequently loses its fear of humans . Keep your cats indoors , and when ™ Now Open dogs are outdoors , keep them on a leash Original Italian Ice Cream and under your control . for Breakfast Do not fish from the bank of a fresh Home of the World Famous Paul J . Morris Broker water body , especially at dawn and dusk . Sanibel Krunch © & Dirty Sand Dollar © & Lunch Only Recognize that the presence of alliga - MADE FRESH DAILY RIGHT IN OUR STORE Commercial / Residential tors is important to the balance of nature ( ‘ till 3 pm ) Best of the Islands Ice Cream on Sanibel , and strive to be sure all of 239 - 579 - 0511 Offi ce * Gelato * Smoothies * Coffees * Pastries your neighbors understand that , too . • Vacation Rentals Make sure your homeowners ’ or • Property Management 362 Perwinkle Way ( Don''t Be Fooled ! ) condo association educates new residents 472 - 0303 We ARE the LITTLE GREEN SHOP ON THE CORNER Email : paul @ lighthouserealtyfl . com about the importance of alligators and the 362 Periwinkle Way 239 - 472 - 6566 * laws against feeding them . It''s Simply the Best ! We Cannot Tell A Lie . Committee of the Islands welcomes your input on this subject . Please email WE NOW your comments to : coti @ . “ Not OFFER Commentaries on other island issues are Your World - Class STERLING available on our website at www.coti . SILVER Daughters org . You can also visit Committee of the POLISHING Islands on Facebook . Jeans ” Shelling , 14K and 18K Platinum , Unique Clothing & Accessories Custom Design , Watch Batteries for the Island Girl and Island Woman Fishing and Bands • Buying Gold Featuring NYDJ - Joseph Ribkoff . Berek - Painted Pony & much , much more . . . . On Sanibel For Over 20 Years ! and Sanibel Our email address is SUMMER HOURS SUMMER HOURS Mon - Fri 9 : 30 - 3 : 30 pm • Sat . 9 : 30 - ? Mon - Fri 9 : 30 - 3 : 30 pm • Sat . 9 : 30 - ? com press @ islandsunnews . Sunsets ! ( at the East End ) ( at the East End ) 455 Periwinkle Way , Sanibel 455 Periwinkle Way , Sanibel 395 - 3455 472 - 5544

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