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February 03, 2012

ISLAND SUN - FEBRUARY 3 , 2012 4 On The Wall At City Hall The Vision Works CARD OF THANKS “ Sanibel is and shall remain by Barbara Joy Cooley , president , Committee of the Islands ear Island Sun : a barrier island sanctuary , on I was at Bowman’s Beach on n February 20 , the New York Times reported the fiery DSaturday , January 21 when I could which a diverse population lives death of an ancient bald cypress tree called the Senator , not find my car rental keys in my beach in harmony with the island’s Onear Orlando . The very existence of this magnificent bag . The keys were attached to a lanyard . tree seemed to be an anomaly to the reporter , who described wildlife and natural habitats . . . . I retraced my steps to the beach and back Florida as “ a state known for its sprawl and its zeal for pouring Sanibel is and shall remain a to the parking lot and found nothing . concrete . ” small town community whose Along the way to the parking lot , I The fact that Sanibel has fought against the prevalent sprawl told a gentlemen that I lost my car rental members choose to live in har - and pouring of concrete is what now sets it apart from other keys and to keep his eyes open for them . mony with one another and travel destinations – and it is why the travel expert Arthur He was kind enough to say he’ll look on Frommer selected it as the number one place to go in the world . with nature ; creating a human his journey to the beach and asked for The introduction to our island’s section of www.frommers . settlement distinguished by its my cell phone number in case he found com states that Sanibel “ tolerates none of the neon , amusement parks or high - rise diversity , beauty , uniqueness , them . condominiums cluttering most Florida beaches . “ Now thinking perhaps I was stupid character and stewardship . ” Just who is it that tolerates none of that ? The residents of Sanibel , that’s who . enough to lock them perhaps inside the These sentences , taken from That’s who fought to incorporate the city in 1974 , to prevent zealous overdevelop - trunk , I called the car rental company ment – sprawl and pouring of concrete – from taking over this sanctuary island . What the Sanbiel Vision Statement , and explained my mishap . They said they emerged from that fight was the Sanibel Plan , the document that serves as a blueprint are displayed in large type would meet me in the parking lot in an for the way to keep Sanibel special - - and the Sanibel Vision Statement , which articu - directly behind the dais in City hour . Five minutes later while standing lates the community values underlying that document . And Sanibel’s residents have next to my rental car , the car alarm goes Hall where City Council holds its held their ground every time some threat arises to the Sanibel Plan – insisting that the off . Here , a nice fellow shows up with meetings . They are key phrases vision it embodies be upheld . my car keys . He said he found them in When I hear enthusiastic visitors describing why they like Sanibel so much , I occa - meant to remind all those the sand on the beach . He trekked back sionally say , “ You know , it takes work to keep it that way . ” They always acknowledge attending - - the Council , city to the parking lot from the beach , hit the the truth of that . Struggles against overdevelopment occur in many places ; this isn’t staff , and the audience - - what alarm button on the key chain , found the news to them . But they know that the story of Sanibel gives hope to other places that community values we have car . . . and me ! want to remain special , natural , sanctuaries for wildlife . I never was so grateful for this strang - agreed upon against which to It isn’t always a losing battle . It can happen . It is doable . We’ve done it . Now let’s er’s kindness . I did not get this man’s keep it that way by remaining vigilant and upholding the Sanibel Plan and Vision . measure the issues and actions name but just wanted to say thank you The Committee of the Islands was founded in 1975 by those inspired individu - deliberated at these meetings . for your kindness ! als who helped incorporate Sanibel as an independent , self - governing city . The You can read the full Vision Donia Mrozek Committee welcomes your input on this subject . Email your comments to coti @ coti . Statement on the Committee Syracuse , New York org . You can find commentaries on other island issues on our web site at . You of the Islands website at www . can also visit Committee of the Islands on Facebook . . Invites You To FEB 10 - 13 Andria Lieu Trunk Show VALENTINE’S BEAD EVENT Thursday , February 9th FREE Mini - CZ 10 a.m . - 6 p.m . 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