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Procedure for Nominating Board Candidates by Petition

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December 31, 2015

Procedure For Nominating Board Candidates By Petition


COTI bylaws do not provide for nominations of Board candidates from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  The procedure for COTI members to make such nominations is spelled out in the bylaws quoted directly below:


Article III, Section 11: Nomination by Petition.  A  person my be nominated as a candidate for election to the Board of Directors by a written petition signed by not less than twenty percent of the voting members of the Corporation who are in good standing at the time said petition is submitted to the Nominating Committee.  Each such petition must be delivered to the Nominating Committee not less than 10 days prior to the regular February meeting of the Board of Directors, and if found to be sufficient by the Nominating Committee, the name of each person so nominated shall be submitted to the Board of Directors at its February meeting, as a candidate for election by the voting members of the Corporation at the Annual Meeting the following month.  The decision of the Nominating Committee as to sufficiency of any such petition shall be final.