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Draft Annual Meeting Minutes 2013

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March 08, 2014

Committee of the Islands Draft Minutes the Annual Meeting March 15 , 2013 Sanibel Community House President Barbara Joy Cooley welcomed members and guests at 9 : 30 AM affirming our 38 years of protecting Sanibel few from overdevelopment . This requires never ? ending vigilance , as Sanibel’s first mayor , Porter Goss , reminded us a years ago . Barbara added , ” We are delighted that Porter is with us today ! ” Larry Schopp then introduced our guest speaker , Mr . Ralf Brookes , a land ? use and environmental lawyer . His introductory remarks covered the dismantling of state oversight of local authority amendments to land development now often outvoted on governing boards , with no state or federal codes . Environmental community leaders are recourse . Brookes moved into several “ war stories ” where he was involved in mitigating or reversing some potentially disastrous planning projects . Specific examples covered Boca Raton , Delray Beach , Yankeetown , and the stories were his recommendations included : lively , instructive and much appreciated . Some of Organize early . Raise funds to hire a lawyer . Fight on many fronts . Appeal adverse decisions ? time can be helpful . Request and lobby for televised Council meetings . Encourage new applicants to apply for office . Seek wide citizen for elected officials to vote against the support as developers and realtors have deep pockets . Recognize it is hard wishes of their contributors . Acquire lands for the best protection . In a question ? and ? answer session , Ralf described the Florida Water and Land Legacy petition that was being distributed for signatures by Ruth Woodham . Business Meeting to order at 10.50 AM . Following an intermission , Barbara Cooley called the 2013 Annual ? David Bath , Secretary , reported that 72 proxy votes had been received . The minutes of the 2012 Annual Meeting were approved as submitted . ? Bud Reinhold , Treasurer , reported that the balance in the organization’s bank account was $ 28,911 . Bob Winters reported his audit of the Treasurer’s books was totally satisfactory . ? Barbara Cooley , President , gave an overview summary of the Committee of the Islands ’ actions in 2012 ? 13 : ? ? thanks to determined efforts by the Committee of the Islands , the City has agreed that buses unloading day trippers on our beaches can threaten our wildlife habitat , and they are now researching options to control buses on our island . ? ? we have been strong advocates for protecting our beach wildlife habitat and will continue to monitor any encroachment by commercial activity . ? ? commercial interests dominate the membership of the Planning Commission . We have urged Council to seek greater representation from the community as a whole . Concurrently , we continue to seek and encourage civic ? minded citizens to consider serving on Council or Planning Commission . ? ? we have supported Vice Mayor Mick Denham’s initiative to prevent the Florida legislature preempting our local fertilizer ordinance . Our commentary “ This isn’t Ohio anymore ” added educational support . ? ? we regularly urge citizen action against the unfair and damaging water release practices of the South Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers . ? ? by encouraging citizen voices at public meetings , we helped persuade the “ Ding ” Darling Transportation Study of using circulating buses around Sanibel to increase visitation . management to drop the idea ? ? we encourage Council to continue defending their decision to ban additional docks in the bay beach environmentally sensitive zone . ? ? we have continued our public education effort on Sanibel’s Dark Skies ordinance which is due to take effect on January 1 , 2015 . ? ? we are actively following Council’s early discussions on the re ? development of our commercial districts , and on an assessment of our cultural and civic needs . We wish to ensure the proposals advance in the spirit of the Sanibel Plan , preserving our unique community . ? Mike Gillespie , Community Outreach Chair , explained that our outreach effort not only brings news about the Committee to members and the public , but also focuses on island issues that are related to the Committee's mission . He reported that , in the past 3 years , Island papers have carried 104 commentaries and stories from than 60 full newspaper pages of space . Mike described our new advertising the Committee amounting to more campaign promoting membership , and also our digital outreach program under the leadership of Jim Beauchamp , which has doubled the number of households we can now reach by email . He noted 60 visits a day 235 visits in the past week to our Facebook page . Mike urged all members to be sure we to our website and had their email addresses . ? Mike Gillespie , Nominating Committee Chair , asked for a motion to elect the following slate of nominees to the Board of Directors : Ponader , and Ruth Woodham for their second 2 ? year Jim Beauchamp , Phyllis Gresham , Martin Packard , Wayne term ; Mike Cuscaden , who was elected to fill the unexpired term of a former director , for his first 2 ? year term ; Carolyn Swiney for her first 2 ? year term . The motion was moved ( Henry Glissman ) , seconded ( Herb Rubin ) , and unanimously approved . ? In other business , Jim Beauchamp reported a Board decision to increase our email contacts by seeking more than one email address per household . This may help our emails reach other family members more effectively . ? The meeting was adjourned at 11 : 20 AM David Bath , Secretary

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