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2021 Activities and Issues under Discussion

City Manager Selection  
Letter to City Council dated September 27, 2021

       It has recently come to light that Keith Williams is not and as never been qualified as a Professional Engineer under Florida law as required by the job description for Director of Public Works and Director of Community Services. Moreover, by holding himself as a Professional Engineer in Florida — and it appears he has done that — Mr. Williams may well be in violation of law under Florida Statutes. These are serious matters.
     I have indicated to some of you in private conversations that in light of these recent revelations Mr, Williams should be disqualified as a candidate for the position of Sanibel City Manager. I am now saying that on behalf of Committee of the Islands (COTI). As an organization that promotes the highest standards in our elected officials we also believe city employees must be held to the highest standards — which means they must be be fully qualified for the positions they hold but also have sound judgement. We have serious doubts about Mr. Williams’ qualifications and his judgement and for those reasons  believe he should be disqualified.
    In a separate but related vein, we urge you to undertake a review of the qualifications of other city employees, but in particular those with specialized requirements, to assure that those requirements have been met. We believe the process of confirming applicants’ qualifications should also be reviewed to to sure it is sound.
   Committee of the Islands
   Larry Schopp
Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

President Larry Schopp comments to Sanibel City Council in support of Ordinance 21-004 regarding gas-powered leaf blowers

These comments encourage Sanibel City Council to take a leadership position on gas-powered leaf blowers and ban them.  This is a quality of life and a health and safety issue.  

Comments to City Council on Gas Powered Leaf Blowers  


Letter to the Army Corps of Engineers from President Larry Schopp regarding Modifications needed to Alternative CC to LOSOM

This letter objects to the Caloosahatchee remaining the primary outlet for Lake Okeechobee resulting in harmful algal blooms to the detriment of our estuary.

Modifications needed to Alternative CC to LOSOM

Gas Powered Leaf Blowers  


  This commentary by Barbara Joy Cooley, the environment chairperson for COTI, summarizes our leaf blower history and some of the harmful effects of gas- powered leaf blowers including significant air pollution in addition to noise.  

Stop the Polllution 


 COTI  COTI chooses directors and officers.  At it's regular meeting on April 12th, COTI elected Larry Schopp President, Christine Andrews Vice President, Peter Walcott Secretary and Chet Sadler Treasurer. 

The Sanibel Vision.....

To provide a sense of direction for the future, this Vision Statement is a confirmation of the community's shared  values and goals, to guide future decisions.
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Making it all work...

Working with you, the residents and friends of Sanibel - and with the city government and other island organizations - COTI endeavors to help keep Sanibel the very special place that it is.
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