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Managing Sanibel in a Pandemic Age - A forum for c

Business Provisions
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City Council passed the following:
1. Sanibel beach parking lots are to reopen in two weeks which means the end of May.
2. The minimum rental period for longer term rentals was lowered from 6 months to 30 days. This applies to rentals outside the Resort Housing District.
3. Hotels, motels and resorts my reopen at 50% capacity beginning midnight, May 15 but they are to deny reservations to people from Covid-19 hot spots, specifically NY, NJ, Connecticut, Lousiana, Miami / Dade, Broward Counties in Florida. Palm Beach County wa excluded. Chamber of Commerce best practices guidelines are to be followed.
4. Parking violation fines are to be increased from $50 to $200.

Council did not include a testing site for Sanibel. What are your thoughts on the restrictions?
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