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Letters to the City Council re Sanibel Pandemic &a...
Arlene Dillon
228 letters were written to the City Council before the 05/12 meeting where decisions were made about opening Sanibel. Of those, 109 were actually read at the meeting. Many that were read were from property/condo owners and vacationers who are not full time residents. After reading through all the letters (which are posted on the city website) it is apparent that overwhelmingly, those who wish the island to stay closed (by keeping accommodations and beach parking lots closed) at least through Memorial Day, are full-time residents, while those who wish the island to open as soon as possible are those who own a second property or condo on the island, vacationers, and those who identify as members of the business community. I was at the meeting and advocated for a "MANDATORY MASK" temporary ordinance, but instead the Council voted to "strongly encourage" masks. I am not sure how that really helps, I will continue to advocate for a mandatory mask ordinance since we are obviously opening up to tourists, vacationers and people from all over the state, the country and the world. I'm afraid we are on our own!
Christine Andrews
Council also did not pay any attention to testing. I know there are problems with it but it will improve. Several resident letters asked for testing also.

I am sure it is onerous to read all of those letters, particularly in a meeting. Many of the visitor and condo owner letters were read. 48% of the letters were from residents and were unsolicited. Many were not read. The condo and visitor letters (39%) were solicited (copies of the solicitation were in writers' emails).
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