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COTI Endorsement of Candidates

Larry Schopp  | Published on 1/18/2021

Sanibel voters will elect three new members of the city council on March 2. COTI, as a registered non-partisan political committee under Florida Statutes, has historically endorsed candidates for local public office that it believes embrace its mission —the continuity of good local government, protection of the environment and preservation of the sanctuary character of our barrier island community. This year will be no different.

All candidates may ask for  COTI’s endorsement. Those who do so will be asked to answer some written questions on an array of issues we think are relevant to their qualifications. COTI board members will review all answers and consider other factors as well before making a decision. We will, of course, share the questions and answers with you before March 2 so that you can make your own assessments.

Whereas in prior years candidates were invited to join our board members in person for some impromptu, one on one questions, because of Covid 19 restrictions on personal contact we will not go through that process this year.

When this process has been completed COTI will announce its endorsements publicly.